Service Projects

We are grateful for all of the members of the community who have helped us in so many ways over the years – preparing meals at Respite and Safe Haven, donating water in hot weather and necessities in cold weather, hosting fundraising events and contributing time and talent in many other areas.  All contributions are appreciated and welcomed.

Many people ask how they can help aside from donating money.  Under normal circumstances, we have limited volunteer opportunities due to federal regulations, but with COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our meals programs at Respite and Safe Haven.

We have created additional ways the community members of all ages can support us, especially students interested in completing virtual service projects, which can be started with as little as $1 and a few minutes to send a thank you to our front line workers.  Each project comes with a one-page description of what’s involved, materials needed, why it is important and how to deliver.


If you have an idea for a service project not listed or have other questions, email us at