Phone: 783-2505    

Peter Prizzio Chief Executive Officer
Helena DeLigt Chief Operating Officer, Programs
Maureen Neal Chief Operating Officer, Advancement
Nyetta Johnson Assistant Director of Finance
Tonya Kimbrough Executive Secretary
Susan Sekerke Advancement Coordinator
Sarah Hersh HR Coordinator
Aisha Ahmed Health Informatics Specialist
Freddie Hicks Financial/Registration Coordinator
Bryan Tunstall Central Registration
Latara Whitfield Central Registration
Madi Williams Front Desk Receptionist

West Grace Health Center

Phone: 649-0678

Stephen Popovich, MD Medical Director/Physician
Lisa Lee, DNP Nurse Practitioner
Shannon Garrett, NP Nurse Practitioner
Tonya Johnson, MA Medical Assistant
Creasy Arceneaux, MA Medical Assistant
Michelle Pennison, MA Medical Assistant
Noreen Harris, MA Medical Assistant (HAMHD)
Blanca Arias-Ortez Medical Assistant
Wilhemina Mosby Medical Records
Kelly Goode Pharmacist
Kim Lewis Medication Assistance Program Coordinator
Mayra Arucha Health Education Specialist


Phone: 649-2119       

Jernice Giles, DDS Dental Director/Dentist
Grant Steadman, DDS Dentist
Synethia Petty, RDH Hygienist
Ebony Funchus Dental Assistant
Larissa Gutierrez Dental Assistant

Case Management

Phone: 783-0678     

Kysha Washington CM Services Coordinator
Crystal Rivera Outreach Coordinator
Patricia Reeves Substance Abuse Case Manager/Counselor
Ford Franklin Case Manager
Rick Harris Case Manager
Nadia Pitter Case Manager
Walter Randall Outreach and Enrollment (ACA)
Lael Tillman Eligibility & Enrollment (ACA)

Behavioral Health

Phone: 649-2119 x 274    

Rob Osborn, LCSW BH Services Coordinator
John Starkey BH Administrative Assistant
Jillian Taylor, LPC BH Clinician
Kate Williams BH Clinician
Don Wood, LPC BH Clinician
David Pullen, LPC BH Clinician
Amy Shad BH Clinician
Emily Tetalman, LCSW BH Clinician
Salim Zulfiqar, MD Psychiatrist
Nancy Wallace, NP Nurse Practitioner
Vivian Liu, NP Nurse Practitioner
Michael Sullivan, NP Nurse Practitioner

Southside Community Health Center

Phone: 292-3011   

Kate  DiPasquale, MD Physician
Judy Parker-Falzoi, NP Nurse Practitioner
Carla Breedlove, MA Medical Assistant
Jeidy Reyes, MA Medical Assistant
David Pullen, LPC BH Clinician
Hector Gonzalez Central Registration
Frank Torres Central Registration

Eye Clinic 

Ajit Tiwari, OD Optometrist (SCHC)

St. Joseph’s Villa

Phone: 553-3352   

Gay Gibson BH Clinician

Safe Haven

Phone 231-7137 

Angela Mitchell Director of Safe Haven
Alysande Brown Case Manager

Medical Respite

Phone 292-3030 

Evelyn Clay Community Medical Respite Program Manager
Gabrielle Pearman Case Manager

Henrico Area Mental Health & Development Services (HAMHD)

Shannon Garrett, NP Nurse Practitioner
Noreen Harris, MA Medical Assistant