Understanding Your Benefits

Join us on June 18, 2019 at Daily Planet’s West Grace Health Center

(517 West Grace St. Richmond, VA 23220) as we share information and answer questions about your health Insurance.

We will offer three 30 minute sessions:


An MCO (also known as a health plan) is an organization with a network of primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, hospitals and other health care providers.

Your MCO can help you choose doctors, get rides to doctor visits, and get other medically necessary services. MCOs can help you learn about health topics such as diabetes or asthma.

MCOs that provide health care to Medicaid and FAMIS enrollees include Aetna Better Health of Virginia, Anthem HealthKeepers Plus, Magellan Complete Care of Virginia, OptimaHealth Family Care, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, and Virginia Premier.

Join us on June 18th to learn more!


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