Breaking Bread

Our Breaking Bread program entails groups purchasing food, preparing meals and then bringing it to the facility to serve the residents staying at our Medical Respite or Safe Haven programs.

The Medical Respite is a 30-day program (20 beds) for homeless individuals being released from the hospital after an illness. The program is intended to give them time to fully recuperate from their illness before transitioning into a more appropriate living situation. It is on Belt Boulevard (across the street from Richmond City Police’s 2nd Precinct) in Richmond’s Southside. Our Safe Haven program is a long-term transitional program (21 beds) for chronically homeless, mentally ill individuals. Everyone in this program is stable, but they need a program that gives them a chance to fully understand how to deal with their illness and develop skills needed to live independently. This program is on Hull Street – about 3.5 miles in the city from the county line with Chesterfield. These meals give residents at both programs a chance to talk with others and forget (even for just awhile) their other troubles.

The average meal costs between $100 and $125 depending on what you choose to serve. Entrée examples include baked chicken, meatloaf, tacos or BBQ; a side dish (vegetable); bread; and a small dessert. Please bring enough food for your group to eat with the residents and feel free to stay and visit for up to an hour. This volunteer program is not just about feeding the body, it’s also about feeding the spirit through conversation and fellowship. We can fit about 8-10 volunteers at Safe Haven and Medical Respite. We prefer a minimum age of 12.

For more information please reach out to Sarah Tunner at or (804) 283-2505 x2101.