DPHS 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary Logo

2019 marks 50 years of Daily Planet operating as a health safety net in the Richmond region.

In celebration of its past, present and future service, Daily Planet Health Services is launching our “$50 for 50” campaign. Your contributions will allow Daily Planet Health Services to serve those in great need for the next 50 years!

Daily Planet Health Services offers comprehensive and integrated healthcare to anyone regardless of their financial, housing, citizenship or insurance status. The funds raised from this campaign will help cover the costs of providing health services to the 65% of patients served with no insurance.

Here are some suggested ways to donate $50 for our 50th Anniversary:

    • One-time gift of $50
    • Monthly recurring gift of $50
    • $5 monthly recurring gift for 10 months
    • $10 monthly recurring gift for 5 months

You can make a secure donation online by clicking here. Please put your choice of the above in the comments section.

If you would prefer to make a donation in cash or check, feel free to drop off your donation or mail your donation to:

Daily Planet Health Services
517 W. Grace St.
Richmond, VA 23220

Please make checks payable to Daily Planet Health Services. We do not encourage individuals to send cash donations through the mail.