No, we are not a newspaper. Here’s the story of how we became The Daily Planet: In 1969 we opened our doors to help the many teens who were dropping out of school and society. These young people were a bohemian class that came to represent the disenfranchised young adults of that time. These young adults needed help. Offering shelter, meals, health clinics, and counseling helped them integrate back into society.

Later that year, the young people were asked to name the organization that helped them reclaim their lives. Like Clark Kent entering a telephone booth and transforming into Superman, the young people felt The Daily Planet helped transform them. Because of this connection to their own story, The Daily Planet earned its name, paying homage to the newspaper where Clark Kent worked.

Anne Lane, a retired Clinical Social Worker, founded The Daily Planet in 1969. Although no longer an active board member Anne will always be recognized as the founder and for her many contributions to the organization.